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Africa looks for, with forces, a development way by the sciences and the technology.  The New Partnership for the Development of Africa, NEPAD and many other Africanor Sub regional plans go in this way.  In this direction, the response of the African private sector deserves to be rational through a good politics of formation of human resources and of services depending on sciences and technical. 


The project has for principal object the formation of the youth and African professionals to the science, to the industrial technology, to the new technologies of information and communication, to the management, to marketing and to the anthropology of the development.  The idea of the project is to implement, in Africa, a superior institute of formation by the teaching and the research development.  It is opened to all the Africans without distinction through language, religion and race.  It is involved into a charity work in the domain of the education, research and technology for African development.  His first unit will be settled in 2006-2007 in Dakar, Senegal.  Other units will be able to be born in various countries or regions in Senegal. 

The institute proposes a scientific and technical training of high level and quality for students, professionals, and  officials of all countries.  The training and research activities cover the all the university level up to the PhD’s. 

The different specialization systems will be, among others : Telecommunications, electronics, Computer sciences and technology, Preparatory Classes to the High Schools, Mechanics, Marine Science, electricity, physics, data processing, mathematical, industrial technology, management, marketing, anthropology...  Continuous training can be opened according to the needs

The institute is open to all other African countries for a good training of the African youth and the upgrading of the African professionals and  officials.  To assure a very good training to its students and to offer to them credible diplomas at the international level, the institute will develop partnerships with universities and foreign internationally recognized institutes, centres and universities. 

The awaited project impacts will fit with the quality of the training and the research development.  The programs of the institute, contained in a directory, specially were conceived in the detail to comply with these objectives. 



With a strong demographic growth rate of 2,7%, the Senegal, as Africa, has an extremely young population.  In fact 57,7% of the total population has less than 20 years.  This young population faces to the globalization and to its economical issues. It must endow itself with solid competences; among which the importance of the professional education performance. 


Sub Saharian Africa in general and Senegal in particular have therefore to endow itself with training institutes able to offer to their youth the knowledge and an essential know-how for the economical and social development.  These institutes must be in a position to cover several specialties with different qualification levels.  Therefore, it will be able to be in a position to meet the different needs existing on the job market. 


In fact, the globalization implies recognition of the schools and a validity of the diplomas at the international level.  The schools have therefore to endow itself with infrastructures and of a professorial qualified body, and propose specialization systems being able to provide answers to the development of the African continent.  It is therefore necessary to know how would be welcomed a training and research institute in sciences and technology.  A market study was realized to give answers to this interrogation. 

Specific objectives

 - An African and international reference in his competence domains;

- The settlement of good laboratories;

- A strong involvement in the development of Africa through sciences and technology;